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The purpose of this Website consists in providing extensive information about the history of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), its organisational structure, terms of reference and basic documents, past and on-going co-operation efforts, as well as news on other important events and activities, which take place in and around the Baltic sea region.

The mandate of the permanent international Secretariat of the CBSS includes carrying out the Council’s information strategy, aimed at:

  • Making the CBSS and its goals better known to decision-makers, business and media community and the general public;
  • Providing access to non-restricted documentation produced in the framework of the CBSS (at ministerial meetings, in the Committee of Senior Officials and in Working Groups);
  • Providing access to non-restricted documentation elaborated by CBSS partner organisations and institutions in the Baltic Sea region, such as the BSSSC, UBC, and the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference;
  • Contributing to the establishment of direct information and business contacts/links between various actors who are active or interested in the Baltic Sea region.
  • Enhancing overall co-ordination within the CBSS, particularly with respect to specific programs and projects, by way of identifying/exposing areas where co-operation efforts might be overlapping.

The Secretariat considers its main task in the context of Information Strategy to consist in finding and occupying its proper "island" in the expanding sea of information emanating from other actors in the region. This niche is identified on the basis of the unique character of the CBSS as an intergovernmental organisation, which unites all countries in the Baltic Sea region. The task has become even more important after the decision of the Heads of Government at their 3rd Summit meeting in Kolding to consolidate "within the framework of the Council of the Baltic Sea States of all regional intergovernmental, multilateral co-operation taking place among the group of CBSS members."

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The Development of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) was presented by EU MPs from the Baltic region to the President of the EU Commission in 2005. The initiative’s emphasis was predominantly on optimizing economic growth and potential in the Baltic Sea Region. After a few modifications and adjustments, the Strategy was presented to the Commission in 2009 and adopted by the Council. Defining New Approach The main points of the strategy included a…

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Introducing the Central European Initiative to the Baltic Sea Region

The European scene of today shows a great variety of structures of multilateral regional co-operation. The Central European Initiative, which emerged right after the collapse of the communist system, is the oldest and largest of such initiatives. Founded by Austria, Italy, Hungary and Yugoslavia in 1989 as a quadrilateral co-operation, the CEI membership increased to 10 by 1994, to 16 by 1996 and to 17 in 2000 with the accession of the Federal Republic…

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