CBSS Action Programmes 

The so-called Action Programmes were adopted at the Council session in Kalmar, Sweden in July 1996 and serve as an additional guideline for CBSS activities. The Programmes represent a step forward for the Baltic Sea co-operation and comprise the following fields:

I Participation and Stable Political Development including:

  • Essence of Democracy: Participation
  • Local Initiatives
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Civic Security and Combating Organised Crime
  • Free Travel whilst Fighting Abuse
  • Educational Co-operation and Exchange
  • Common Culture and Creative Co-operation

II Economic Integration and Prosperity including:

  • Economic Integration and Transition
  • The Baltic Sea Region and the European Union
  • Transport: Efficiency, Safety and Protection of the Environment
  • Spatial Planning – The Baltic Sea Vision
  • Energy: Supply, Environment and safety

III A matter of Solidarity – The Baltic Sea Environment including:

  • Commitment to the Baltic Sea: The Joint Comprehensive Programme
  • Trans-boundary Water-Management
  • Waste and Chemicals
  • Oil Pollution
  • Atmospheric deposition into the Baltic Sea
  • Agriculture: Call for Urgent Action
  • Protection of Marine Ecosystem: Pollution and Sustainable Fishing
  • Nature Conservation: Protecting Diversity

At its 10th Ministerial session in Hamburg on 7 June 2001, the Council welcomed the examination by the CSO of progress made in the implementation of the Kalmar Action Programme. It asked the CSO to propose additional measures to further implement the Plan in areas inadequately covered so far. The CSO was asked to examine the question whether the action plan should be updated.

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