Conferences and organisations

The Third Baltic Sea States Summit in Kolding, Denmark (12-13 April 2000) recommended to consolidate, in the framework of the Council of the Baltic Sea States, all regional, intergovernmental co-operation among the group of CBSS Member countries. Thus, while the CBSS was founded as a forum of Ministers for Foreign Affairs, it will hence be a forum for co-operation of all ministries and government agencies, provided only that all Member States participate in the co-operation.
The annual meetings of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs will be the forum for co-ordination and direction of the work. However, this co-ordination shall not infringe on the responsibility of field ministers within their respective scope of competence and expertise.

The Committee of Senior Officials set up within the framework of the CBSS will monitor the work and act as a focal point for information about all intergovernmental activities involving all Member States of the Council. An informal network is being established between ministries and government agencies active in Baltic Sea co-operation.

II.1. Conferences, organisations and other co-operation fora comprising the 11 Member States of the CBSS and the European Commission

  • Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS Commissioner, EuroFaculty, CSO, 3 working groups, Baltic Business Advisory Council (BAC))
  • Meetings of Heads of government of CBSS Member States
  • Conference of ministers for trade and industry
  • Customs conference
  • Conference of ministers for transport
  • Conference of ministers for environment
  • Conference of ministers for spatial planning (VASAB)
  • Conference of ministers for labour
  • Conference of ministers for agriculture
  • Conference of ministers for youth affairs
  • Conference of ministers responsible for children’s affairs (Children at risk)
  • Conference of ministers for culture, Ars Baltica
  • Baltic 21
  • Task Force on Organised Crime in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Task Force on Communicable Disease Control in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Baltic Sea Region Border Control Co-operation Conference (BSRBCCC)
  • Group of Directors-General of Tax Administrations

II.2. Conferences and organisations comprising fewer than all the Member States of the CBSS

  • Barents Euro-Arctic Council
  • Nordic Council/Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Helsinki Commission (HELCOM – Baltic Maritime Environment Protection Commission)
  • Baltic Council/Baltic Council of Ministers
  • International Baltic Sea Fisheries Commission
  • Arctic Council
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