The Council of the Baltic Sea States’ organisational framework is based on the Terms of Reference accepted by the Foreign Ministers of the participating states. The work of the Council is based also on the principles laid down in the UN Charter, as well as in the Helsinki Final Act, the Charter of Paris and other OSCE documents. The co-operation model is of a traditional intergovernmental nature.

In order to increase co-ordination and ensure better results of the current wide range of activities taking place in the Baltic Sea region, the Third Baltic Sea States Summit (Kolding, Denmark, 12-13 April 2000) recommended that the CBSS should in the future encompass all regional intergovernmental, multilateral co-operation among the group of CBSS countries. The annual meeting of the Foreign ministers and a member of the European Commission will be a forum for co-ordination (and direction of the work) in the restructured CBSS. Such co-ordination will not infringe on the responsibility of field ministers for their own field of competence and expertise. Field ministers will meet on an ad hoc basis in accordance with their own decisions.

At its 9th Ministerial Session (Bergen, 21-22 June 2000), the Council, while preserving the independence of the existing sectoral co-operation, decided to fully implement the Heads of Government’s recommendation concerning the new structure and working methods of the CBSS. The 10th Ministerial session of the Council (Hamburg, 7 June 2001) adopted Guidelines regarding the strengthening of the CBSS.

A small permanent international Secretariat of the CBSS was inaugurated on 20 October 1998 and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It is financed through contributions from the Member States and operates under the guidance of the CBSS Chairmanship.

  • The Council
  • CBSS Presidency
  • Committee of Senior Officials – CSO
  • Working Group on Democratic Institutions (WGDI)
  • The Secretariat
  • CBSS Commissioner
  • EuroFaculty
  • Business Advisory Council
  • Summit Meetings
  • Task-Force on Organised Crime in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Task Force on Communicable Disease Control in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Observer countries and Special Participants in the CBSS
  • CBSS Action Programmes
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